Milton Closet Design

Between custom and generic, the difference is in the process. Many Milton closet design companies make storage products on standardized assembly lines without much consideration for product flexibility and customization. At California Closets, however, the philosophy is that each customer and their home deserve a unique storage system.

The California Closets Milton Closet Design Process

The patented California Closets Milton design process is about harnessing the power of technological expertise to the local and even personal level of the client-designer relationship. But before the process gets technical, the design process begins with a free in home consultation.

At the initial appointment the customer gets to know the designer and shares their goal for the project. How does the current design fail to meet your storage needs? How do you envision using the space in the future?

The customer’s Milton closet design professional conducts a physical assessment of the space determining its capacity for shelving, hanging and other types of storage. Now they can go to work crafting various scenarios based on the dimensions and the customer preferences. 

Here is where the process becomes very interactive, utilizing the latest in design technology. The project is mapped onto a computer module that allows the customer to do a virtual walkthrough of the storage space in three dimensions on screen. Moreover, the customer, even without any kind of computer skills, can easily experiment and alter different elements of the design: Maybe a different material for the trim, a different color to accent the cabinets, or maybe an entirely new configuration. 

Only One Milton Closets Design Choice

California Closets Milton uses a closet design process that empowers its clients to be creative and take control of their home organization. The results speak for themselves.