Custom Closets Milford

We bet you cannot wait to turn your dream home into a reality. It is a moment of great accomplishment when you invest in custom closets that will benefit your home for a lifetime. We specialize in custom closets Milford for bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens pantries, garages, home offices, media centers and more.

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Two things that are characteristic of Milford: a respect for homes and communities, and the diversity of lifestyles of the residents.

Values of family and individuality are the cornerstones of California Closets, so it is no wonder that we have been providing Milford custom closets for over 25 years now. We give expression to our common values by designing and crafting products that you need. The power of closets and interior design to better an environment is enormous, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We seek deep relationships with our customers and with the community.

As participants in the area’s vibrant business community, as well as generous charitable givers, we have sought to make our mark on Milford not only with custom closets Milford, but also with corporate social responsibility. Our entire business model emphasizes the local. We implemented a franchise model because it gives autonomy to the individual stores, who will undoubtedly know the communities they serve better than someone faraway at the headquarters. Our hiring is done locally. The materials, as well as the assembly, are done in state, all in the interest of greening by reducing transportation costs, and contributing to the local economy.

World-Class Milford Custom Closets

When California Closets got its start, custom closets were not heard of in Milford or anywhere else. Custom design was a specialty craft, but under our leadership, it turned into a major industry. We are still the largest company of our kind in the world with hundreds of locations.