Wall Beds Middlesex County

Vintage is making a comeback in the most curious places of our lives. Middlesex County wall beds are the hottest new product in town. This gem of old is back to refresh small spaces by making the bed disappear into the wall? Middlesex County wall beds seamless and easily disappear into your room’s walls with a quick and easy lift. Convert your studio apartment into the dance floor of your dreams, or your small bedroom into your home office. And it all happens in seconds! Relax and call a California Closets professional today to get your new wall bed installed and your new space decorated!

Impress Your Friends

Your neighbors will be amazed and infinitely curious as to why and how your apartment looks so much bigger than theirs. Middlesex County wall beds are designed with the utmost expertise and care your guests won’t even notice that they're there.

Also known as ‘murphy beds’, Middlesex County wall beds are the hot new product of California Closets, changing studio apartment landscapes across the country. Middlesex County wall beds are outfitted with the latest in wall bed technology, which makes Middlesex County wall beds the most reliable, durable, and fashionable in the industry.

Double Your Space

With your bed neatly and quickly rolled into the wall, your room’s potential will never be the same--art space, dance space, meditation and/or yoga. Anything is possible now that you have double the space in your room. Moreover, forget the days where your bed serves as your unofficial closet, everything will have its place and room once you have installed your new Middlesex County wall bed. Think of all that could be done!