Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Miami Beach

The popularity of Miami Beach has been well-documented. Those of us who are lucky enough to live here know that friends and family usually choose our Florida locales as a frequent place to visit. Ensuring that everyone has a place to sleep is a difficult task--do you commit a bed to your spare bedroom at the risk of sacrificing its many other uses? Or do you simply rely on the uncomfortable, but convenient air bed? With wall beds Miami Beach from California Closets, you won't have to worry about either of these scenarios. Folding easily out of a closet system, the bed that is produced will have your guests sleeping sound and you enjoying the space when it's not in use!

Murphy Beds Miami Beach For Guaranteed Convenience

For Owners

If you have the luxury of a spare bedroom in your home, and like to take advantage of the versatility by doing work, exercise, or other hobbies within its friendly confines, committing a mattress to it would be a crushing blow. Wall beds Miami Beach grant you the freedom to continue to use your spare room to your heart's content while also leaving an option for your visitors that doesn't include an air bed. Murphy beds Miami Beach fold into a closet system equipped with accessories of your choosing.

For Guests

While the convenience of an air bed is nice, they are always subject to popping. Waking up in a mess of a rubber sheet on the floor isn't pleasant! With wall beds Miami, you're promised a sturdy, comfortable mattress that is easily unfurled and will be a joy to use. The roll-out or pull-down mechanism makes it simple for any and all to get ready for bed, and you can help your hosts by easily clearing it away in the morning!

Murphy Beds Miami Beach Will Deliver

Trust the experts at California Closets to make the most of your space and to provide wall beds Miami Beach completely of your choosing! Give us a call today to get started with a free in-home consultation.