Murphy Beds & Wall Beds Metro West

Whether you live in a 20-room mansion or a two bedroom apartment, you could probably benefit from a little more space in your home. Metro West wall beds from California Closets enable you to maintain a tremendously comfortable sleeping space, without forfeiting a significant swath of your floor area when your bed isn’t in use. Metro West murphy beds are a far cry from the uncomfortable back-ache-inducing murphy beds of the past. Metro West wall beds represent zero sacrifice in comfort and look handsome and elegant when not in use.

A World Of Possibilities Awaits!

Metro West Murphy Beds: Resist The Tyranny Of Standard Beds!

When you make the conversion from a standard bed to a Metro West wall bed, you free up a great deal of floor space for a host of potential uses. Whether you’re looking for space for your morning yoga or pilates routine, a work area for art projects, dance or music rehearsal - the list of possibilities goes on and on. Get the most from the floor space you have by converting to a Metro West murphy bed.

Impress Friends And Guests

Your overnight visitors might at first be puzzled by your Metro West wall bed - but after they’ve tried it out, they’re sure to see just how sensible and forward-thinking Metro West murphy beds are! Unfolding and retracting our Metro West wall beds is extremely easy, and the beds are built to last with only the most durable and enduring materials available. Defy the dictates of tradition and consider purchasing a Metro West murphy bed!

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