Wall Beds Mesa

Do you have limited space but a need for more? Besides efficient storage one of the most transformative design choices available are wall beds. Mesa residents are taking notice of the hundred-year-old contraption upgraded with modern technology to give their homes more functionality and flexibility.

The History of California Closets Mesa’s Wall Beds

Before the contemporary name wall beds become prevalent in Mesa, there was an alternative name for the sleeping surface on a hinge. Murphy beds were named after their inventor William L. Murphy. Mr. Murphy was a newcomer to San Francisco in the late 19th century in a city that was limited in real estate, then as now.

He lived in a one-bedroom apartment, which proved to be a hindrance when he decided to court his future wife, Gladys.  At the time there was a taboo against unwed women to visit with men in their bedrooms. Murphy was an inventive and persistent fellow, and love drove him to think of a solution. He put his bed on hinges so that it could fold into the wall. In an instant the room transformed and appeared as no more than a living room. Murphy’s wall beds and the ones in modern day Mesa, have the same basic function.

Aside from the basic concept, however, California Closets has upgraded and changed everything. Today the Murphy beds available to Mesa homeowners are completely safe and easy to lower and lift. Moreover, with smart design, they can be completely invisible to those who don’t know they are there.

Uses for Wall Beds in Mesa

Mesa uses wall beds for a variety of reasons: for example, small art college studios or to make a home office double as a guest bedroom.