Wall Beds Meridian

As we get older, friends and family move out of town to follow new jobs, loves, or their sense of adventure. When our loved ones live so far away, there will come a day when staying in touch over the phone simply won’t cut it anymore, and your loved ones will have to come visit you in Meridian! After a long day of catching up and reliving old times, you and your guests are sure to be exhausted from your day of fun. Without a spare bedroom to offer, finding sleeping accommodations for your guests can be difficult. Setting them up on the couch isn’t exactly the most comfortable solution, while dragging the spare mattress out of storage is cumbersome and inconvenient. Talk to the Meridian wall beds specialists at California Closets today to find the easy solution to spare sleeping accommodations.

Have Your Spare Bedroom And Office Too With Wall Beds From California Closets!

Turn Efficiency Up A Notch

When you have an extra room, why devote it only to just one use? Wall beds Meridian are a great way to add efficiency to your home while using space wisely. Easy to use when needed, wall beds Meridian unfurls from the wall by night and just as easily folds back into the wall by day, allowing you the space to use your spare room as a home office, media room, or living room.

Customized To Your Size

Wall beds Meridian are customized to fit the dimensions in your home, making it easy for them to fit virtually anywhere.

Unparalleled Quality And Customer Service

At California Closets, we pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality products and excellent customer service. Call today to find out more about our wall beds Meridian!