Closet Company Meridian

The closet company that Meridian trusts the most is California Closets. We've been proven to deliver the highest standard of home improvement options through our award winning customized-to-you process, our dedication to detail, and our impeccable customer service. Call today to get started!

Why Storage?

What is it about storage that makes this closet company Meridian's number one home upgrade?  Well, other superficial improvements such as granite counters or marble arrangements wear over time, require lots of maintenance, and cost an incredibly inflated amount.  Our storage units are designed to create a better overall home environment through reallocating some of that stuff you don't want in the way of your living, and making more space for the types of things you do!

You Are Royalty

The California Closets creed to our customers is that you come first, and are treated with the elegance of royalty every step of the way.  This means that we are the Meridian closet company that will hear your complaints, ask you questions, field your requests, survey your palace, and work with your problems all in a respectful and honorable way.  This allows you to ease off the pressure and annoyance of dealing with pesky service, and focus more on what really matters.

High Quality

As royalty you deserve the highest quality in a home upgrade that you can possibly get.  This means for us there is a practical need to find the local manufacturers who source high quality products quickly.  This means that we have our builders and consultants trained to a high degree of competency and only choose the most passionate individuals to work with you.  This way, you'll get an experience from this closet company Meridian residents must hear about!

California Closets is Here

The time is now to upgrade your home in profound yet simple ways.  Please call us and get started with the number one Meridian closet company, California Closets!