Closet Systems Mercer Island

Closet systems are defined as the external structure that makes up any closet or storage space. They are the walls, shelves, baskets, and poles that hold all of your personal items in one concise place for you to utilize at your own luxury. So, what do your Mercer Island closet systems look like?

Mercer Island Closet Systems Provide Options


If your garage hasn’t seen a car parked in it in ages, or it’s full of boxes and memorabilia that hasn’t seen the light of day, maybe you should think about getting closet systems to transform your garage into a more organized space. We offer tons of storage options, ranging from hooks for hanging large items such as bikes and ski equipment, to overhead shelves for less frequently used items you want up and out of the way. 

Home Office

Your home office should be a space that is separate enough from your home life to keep you in work mode. That’s why we offer an array of closet systems for transforming rooms and even small nooks to home offices for your convenience. Desks and wall shelving can be built in any space, big or small, so that you can keep work and play separate.


Closets and wardrobes are the most common places for Mercer Island closet systems. Choose from a variety of storage solutions, from pull-out boxes to keep all your shoes organized to velvet-lined jewelry drawers so all of your accessories stay neat and easily visible.

Get Organized to Stay Organized

Going through your personal belongings to get rid of things is a great way to save space and make room for more, but what your closets really need is an innovative way to keep things looking organized. That’s what Mercer Island closet systems are for. So call now and schedule your free in-home design consultation today!