Custom Closets Mendham

What do the custom closets for your Mendham home look like? Are they modern and sleek, melting into the backdrop of your contemporary apartment? Or, are they simple and classic, harmonizing the traditional blend of furnishings in your home? The possibilities of custom closets Mendham from California Closets are countless, and they are made for you, by you.

Custom Closets Mendham Are Ready When You Are

How to Get Started

First come online and check out our inspiration gallery. There you will find beautiful blueprint ideas to get your juices flowing. Once you start seeing how others have transformed their disorderly closets into fantastic custom closets, it will be a lot easier for you to take that first step.

Spaces and Places

Whatever the space, whether it be your home office, media center, nursery, garage, guest room or personal closet, there is a custom closet out there for you. At California Closets, your needs are our priority. That’s why we’ll come by to examine your storage spaces and help you find the right custom closets for your needs.


Our expert design team has innovative solutions for even the most burdensome storage problems. Our goal is to maximize space in a way that is both functional and attractive. And remember, you are the artist behind all our best ideas!

Best Custom Closets Mendham Available

Creating your new custom closets Mendham can be both fun and easy. We want to make life simple for you, so that reaching for your dreams is on the same shelf as that book that went missing last week. It’s just as easy as calling in to schedule your free design consultation with California Closets. Be on your way to organization!