Multipurpose Promise Of Medina Wall Beds

Bedrooms pose a difficult scenario to homeowners. While no one would argue that beds are absolutely essential, it isn't a stretch to say that the amount of space that they occupy limits the potential of a room. This problem comes to a head most clearly in guest bedrooms: you'd like to be able to provide comfort for guests, but don't want to commit the space to a cumbersome mattress. Enter Medina wall beds from California Closets. Easy to operate and a delight to use, these units allow homeowners to experience the multipurpose potential of a room while still leaving the door open for a temporary bedroom when guests or friends come calling.

Medina Wall Beds Add A New Dimension

Kids Going Away To College

When the kids move out of the house, their rooms become seldom-used spaces due to the fact that the mattress takes up the lion's share of square footage. Preserving their bedrooms for when they come home is a piece of cake with Medina wall beds. The essence of their rooms can be maintained, but with the mattress tucked up into the wall, you'll be able to use the room for other activities, such as an exercise space or a temporary office. With the mattress up and out of the way, the possibilities for use expand exponentially, but the room's original purpose can be instantly regained.

Unmatched Comfort

Most of us have slept on a futon or an air mattress, and it's safe to say they're not ideal in the comfort department. While their convenience continues to make them attractive options for homeowners, Medina wall beds change the narrative in this regard. These beds are easy to unfurl, and when they're down, guests or family members will be sleeping on real, thick mattresses. You won't have to sacrifice one iota of comfort, and the convenience is equally attractive.