Wall Beds Maui

When most hear the words ‘wall bed,’ the image that comes to mind is an outdated and uncomfortable bed that could never be confused as stylish. At California Closets, our wall beds Maui are always chic, always comfortable, and always a great addition to your home. Wall beds Maui is the smart choice when it comes to creating extra sleeping space in your home. Never again will you feel unprepared when unexpected guests arrive: there will be no frantic rearranging or allowing your loved ones to sleep on the couch.

Create a Guest Room in Any Room

Always Be Prepared

With wall beds Maui from California Closets, you don’t have to sacrifice an entire room to make sure your occasional guests have a space to stay. With these wall beds Maui you can create sleeping arrangements in your home office, media room or wardrobe. While California Closets offers the traditional bed that unfolds conveniently from the wall, there are plenty of custom options to consider. Take a look through our online image gallery and decide if a “roll out” bed is right for you. Together with California Closets, there’s always a new and innovative solution.

Smart and Simple

You and your guests will rest assured thanks to your comfortable wall beds Maui, especially since California Closets believes in amazing design that is always easy to use. Forget complex systems or beds getting “stuck”, these wall beds are modern, enjoyable and blend perfectly with your pre-existing home design.

Convenient Wall Beds Maui

California Closets is always the smart, functional choice you trust, and with wall beds Maui, you extend your home's custom feel to your guest accommodations. Call today for a complimentary in-home consultation, and you will be matched with a certified design professional who will get you started on your very own wall beds Maui.