Murphy Beds Maui

Maui is known the world over for its hidden treasures. Off the beaten tourist track, locals know that Maui holds secrets of natural beauty and culture throughout the island. Every Maui resident has their hidden waterfalls, secret swimming holes, isolated beaches and protected surfing spots. These special spots change our tiny island from an over-explored tourist trap into an intimate and beautiful personal experience. We at California Closets Maui like to think of our locally-produced Maui murphy beds in the same way.

Murphy Beds are Maui’s Undiscovered Treasure

One of our favorite storage solutions to install is the murphy bed. Our Maui murphy beds give you the ability to switch the bedroom into a kitchen, or an office, or a living room at a moments notice. 

As a local Maui business, we know that you are a popular destination for your friends and family.  Installing one of our Maui murphy beds ensures that you will be ready to greet them without the stress of finding a place for them to sleep.  Also, our murphy beds are designed to be discrete and mesh with the rest of the room, so you can always hide your extra sleeping accommodations from unwanted guests.

Start the in-home design consultation to work with one of our professional designers to find the best Maui murphy bed solution for your home and lifestyle.  We guarantee that our professionals will find a solution that reflects your life and style, as well as your budget.  Transform your home into a living structure, one that can respond to your changing needs.

Maui Murphy Beds Are A Must!

We at California Closets Maui seek to uphold our reputation for design excellence and customer satisfaction in your home.  You can begin the free in-home design consultation process today by signing up on the website or calling us directly.  To get the best locally-fabricated and installed Maui murphy beds, California Closets Maui is the place for you.