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Massapequa closets are the new storage solutions coming to a home near you!  If you act right, it may be coming to your home.  What is a Massapequa closet, you ask?  The most customizable storage unit built from the ground up based on your vision by our experts here at California Closets. 

New Closet, Easy Process

With our easy process, you can build your very own Massapequa closets and revive the energy of your home as quickly as you can say 1-2-3!  Here’s what the process looks like:

Firstly, you speak to one of our consultants, telling and showing them exactly your storage issues, what you need to put away, and how to do it.  Then, they will draw up a blueprint for your Massapequa closet using any number of constructible parts.

Secondly, you’ll choose between hanger space, drawers, bins, racks, and more to actually construct your closet plan.  You will also get to choose a color, style, material, and design layout to ensure your Massapequa closet is truly your storage solution.

Thirdly, our expert builders will come to your home to meet the locally sourced, high grade materials and put it together all in one visit.  Feel free to ask them questions or observe their building.  After they're done, you’ll have a Massapequa closet which will last you for the rest of your home’s days.

Ready, Set...

If you are ready to start the quick and simple process to a new and lively home, call us to start building your Massapequa closet today!



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