Home Office Mason

With all due respect to Dorothy, there’s no place like a Mason home office from California Closets. Unique in design and customized to your specific requirements, it’s the ideal place to focus on the task at hand and get your work done efficiently.

The Wizardry of Home Office Mason

A Plan to Fit Your Space

Whether your home office is in an actual room, a nook, or just an area in a larger space, the key to productivity lies in modifying it to fit the particular demands of your work, your home, and your lifestyle.  When you meet with a home office Mason expert, their sole aim is to discover your exact expectations of the space, and then to create a home office design that meets those expectations.

Solutions That Work

Working full-time at home requires an office space that is conducive to both comfort and productivity.  An ergonomically-designed desk may relieve the strain of hours of computer work while customized task lighting assists focus and is easy on the eyes.  Cable management systems and open and closed storage keep the area tidy and won’t detract from your home’s décor.  Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that California Closets will use its decades of storage design experience to find a solution.

Enhancing Your Home

A Mason home office will add to the practicality and value of your home as well by creating a design that can also function as a hobby room, entertainment room or even a small guest room with a wall bed.  Your home office is truly a part of your home as it works in harmony with your needs and lifestyle.

Home Office Mason is Waiting to Help

A free in-house consultation, and the home office of your dreams, is just a call away!