Garage Storage Mason

Bikes, trikes, tools, golf clubs, lawn mower, croquet set, hedge clippers, skis. Will there be any room in your garage for a car? Clean up that clutter, park your auto with ease and maybe even find that work space you always wanted with the help of Mason garage storage from California Closets.

Make Your Garage Work for You

Restoring Order

It’s natural that your garage would become something of a holding bay for every extra item that doesn’t have a defined place in your home.  Natural, but not helpful.  What would be helpful is a storage design that restores order to your garage, creating storage areas for all of your belongings and displaying them in a practical, easily accessible way.  With the help of a garage storage Mason expert, you have the opportunity to do exactly that.

Solutions that Count

Re-imagining a chaotic storage space is a daunting task, but California Closets has decades of experience in helping people make the most out of their available space, and garages are no exception.  Maybe you’ll start with some aluminum tracking along the walls where you can attach heavy-duty brackets to get those bicycles off the ground.  Now some adjustable shelving for odd-sized items and a few clear plastic bins that allow easy visual and physical access to tools and sporting equipment.  Pegboard with hooks to store small items.  Whatever storage problems your garage and belongings present, you can bet there will be a Mason garage storage solution.

Garage Storage Mason at Your Service

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your garage can be converted into an orderly and efficient space.  And who knows, when the area has been properly utilized there may even be space left over for a work bench or hobby area.  Call today and get going on the garage of tomorrow.