Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Markham

Been thinking about how to open up your home to more possibility? With the flexibility and convenience of a Markham wall bed, you’ll be able to make two rooms out of one. Just imagine, during the day a foldaway to create plenty of space, and in the evening a fold out to create plenty of rest!

Markham Wall Beds Are For You

Customized to the Last Detail

With a Markham wall bed you will literally be building every last detail.  Our expert consultants hear your vision and work with you.  You can choose the layout (fold-out or roll-out), designate the location, choose the materials used and the colours, make sure it is exactly what you and your home need.  With such an ability to customize to the last T, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What You Need

Our Markham wall bed is going to be exactly what you need in your home.  Built with the highest quality materials, you’ll never hear a creak, or blink yourself awake.  It will be a comfortable sleep experience when it needs to be.  Bed first, wall second.  Then, when a wall, your Markham wall bed will fit flush with the current setup of your home so that it doesn’t take up space physically or aesthetically.

We're Waiting for You

Why not install a Markham wall bed?  With the convenience of a multi-purpose room, you’ll be able to free up space and enjoy your home at a higher degree.  You’ll worry less about the comfort of guests and be able to impress them, and you’ll get an additional aesthetic home upgrade!