Home Design Marin

With breathtaking views all around, majestic ancient redwoods, and proximity to a great metropolis, it is no wonder Marin expects the best in home design. California Closets has been serving Marin for almost three decades and we are proud to be rooted in this community.

Marin Home Design for the 21st Century

While our friendly attitude and high standards have remained the same over the years, the home design process for Marin residents and all our customers has been updated with state of the art technology.

The first step is the old fashioned one on one, face-to-face consultation. When you schedule an appointment, a professional designer will arrive at your home and discuss with you what project you have in mind. They will help you identify your goals.

How is your current storage space falling short? What storage needs would you like to meet? Would you like to update the aesthetics or keep them true to the house’s classic look?

Then they will assess the space for its dimensions and hidden potential. With those parameters in mind they will be ready for the hi-tech aspect of the home design. Marin residents are especially computer savvy and truly enjoy this next step.

A three-dimensional rendering is created on screen using advanced software. Not only does it allow you to do a virtual walkthrough of your home--the program gives you the designer’s reigns. You can experiment with configuration, styles, colors, accents and accessories. Every element receives your stamp of approval.

Marin Home Design – Invigorating and Inspiring

With a product selection of enormous proportion, a commitment to innovation and a dedication to our customers, California Closets builds long lasting relationships. We are the center for invigorating and inspiring home design Marin residents turn to year after year.