Custom Cabinets Marin

At California Closets we have over 30 years of experience at tucking your items away and keeping them organized. With our collection of custom cabinets Marin, we help you put the finishing touch on your custom storage systems. From an excellent selection of cupboard cabinet finishes to our chic glass cabinet doors, the design opportunities are endless. Since everything we do is created specifically for you, you never have to worry about your new built in products not blending with a pre-existing space. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite--custom cabinets Marin come in a breathtaking variety of colors, wood grains, and hardware options to complement the decor of any home.

Unparalleled Expertise

Custom Cabinets Marin In Any Room

With our specialized storage system, you never have to compromise. Choose the exact finish, knobs, or pulls that best suit the room and your needs. Never an awkward reach or a standard built in, we precisely measure the area and install according to your decision. Place your custom cabinets Marin in the garage or pantry at the perfect height and store your things with comfort and ease.

The California Closets Family

We eliminate annoyance and frustration by employing only the best. Our staff of certified design consultants are always on hand to help. We really know how to treat our valued customers: an experienced and friendly staff member will happily help you design, measure and install your custom cabinets Marin. Take a look through or online image gallery to get an idea of exactly what we can do for your home.

Transform Your Cabinets

An attractive finish and sturdy hardware is the perfect seal to your custom designed storage space. Give us a call at California Closets today for a free in-home consultation, you’re on your way to blissful organization with custom cabinets Marin!