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For most people, the home is a reflection of their true personality. Are some of the rooms conveying an image you’d rather not be attributed to you, such as disorder and chaos? Commonly, the room giving such an impression is none other than your closet. At California Closets Maple Valley, we know you want every room in your home to be a place of personal refuge and aesthetic beauty, but the stress of daily life often prevents you from living out this goal. That’s why we are here to help you plan a customized, functional Maple Valley closet that will change the way your house speaks about you.

Reinvent Yourself and Your Home with Maple Valley Closets

With Maple Valley closets, you can restore order and balance to your home with just a few simple tweaks to how you store your belongings. It all starts with your storage spaces, whether they are bedroom closets, pantries, home offices or multipurpose closets that house outdoor gear and bulky items. Each Maple Valley closet can be designated for a particular use, and we can help you build a streamlined storage system from the ground up!

Shared Spaces

Couples, roommates and siblings often have to contend with a closet that is made for one, but used for two. Maple Valley closets are customized to deal with two unique needs and preferences so that tangled up items and misused, unbalanced space are features of the past. We can find a way to allocate designates spaces for everything, no matter how different you and your closet partner’s tastes may be.

The Beauty of Variety

One of the most exciting features of Maple Valley closets is the breadth of customizable details. From an extraordinary array of colors, materials, finishes, and lighting, to cleverly designed layout schematics, you work one on one with California Closets consultants to design the Maple Valley closet that truly reflects your personality.

A Project that Gives Back

While getting your closet in order can seem like a daunting task requiring significant planning and time, the rewards reaped once it is in place will be felt daily for years to come.

Reap the Benefits of Order with Maple Valley Closets

Take the time to plan out your space and design a Maple Valley closet that restores order and balance to your hectic life. Call California Closets Maple Valley today to start the groundbreaking work of building the ideal custom closet for you!

Maple Valley


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