Closet Systems Manlius

Whether it’s bursting with clothes, overrun with miscellaneous belongings or just a place to waste space, most of our closets could use a little help. We all have one, but does everyone have a functional closet system to make their closet work efficiently? California Closets Manlius knows that everyone has unique needs, from what they store in their closet to their personal style.

Manlius Closet Systems Tailored to You

Who Can Benefit from a Closet System?

With 30 years of experience, California Closets knows that your closet can be more than just a storage space –it can help you balance your life. Have a large wardrobe to accommodate social outings and drastic seasons? Closet systems Manlius will work with you to design customized racks, drawers and bins to keep everything you need at close hand while keeping off-season items efficiently stored.

The Pros of Customized Design

Although many stores offer one-size-fits-all solutions for closet systems, everyone’s closet and needs are not the same. Closet systems Manlius will identify your needs and space limitations before designing a personalized system that best fits you, without costing a fortune. Whether you have unique slanted ceilings, limited floor space or an expansive walk-in, Manlius closet systems will design a system tailored to architectural advantages and limitations. No space is too big or small to use effectively, it just requires a bit of planning!

Your Goals, Our Work

Maybe you have been thinking of a way to store your expanding shoe collection, but couldn’t find what you needed with simplified designs and hardware stores. Closet systems Manlius will collaborate with you to achieve maximum storage potential, even if one part of your wardrobe dominates. Custom-sized shelving and bins for each type of item is available. Whether that prompts you to buy more shoes than you could ever wear is up to you.

Closet Systems Manlius Customized to Fit Your Life

Have an idea on how your closet can be more than a hole in the wall? Call California Closets Manlius today to schedule a consultation. Together we can design a closet system that blends your goals with our skills.