Wall Beds Manhattan

In the city that never sleeps, people, apartment units, and buildings are packed tight. With so many individuals attracted to the bright city lights, there is only so much room to stretch out in. That is, if you're thinking conventionally. You don't need to pay through the nose to get a spacious apartment--just think creatively. By installing one of California Closets Manhattan wall beds systems, you can increase your home's style and function.

Manhattan Wall Beds Make Space Out of Thin Air

Whether you have a studio apartment or a house that could use a study, Manhattan wall beds add multi-functionality to any room.

Salon or Bedroom? You Decide.

A bed is a space hog despite the fact it is not in use the majority of the day. Manhattan wall beds let you get your bed out of the while you're entertaining guests, exercising, or working from home. This flexibility livens up your home and makes it feel like a whole new place.

A Unique Flourish

Stay ahead of the style curve with one of California Closets's Manhattan wall beds. With it's distinctive form, these beds will wow your friends and keep your place contemporary. With different design combinations of shelving and finishes, Manhattan wall beds can be tailored to fit your home.

A Bed to Fit Your Lifestyle

New York life is a fast-paced, dynamic rush that keeps you entertained no matter what your tastes are. It's only right that you have a home as compelling as the city it's in. Manhattan wall beds keep your place fresh and functional. No matter the size of your space, you can get the look and utility you want.