Murphy Beds Manhattan

Adding a Murphy bed to your Manhattan apartment can transform your space. It’s the perfect solution for small bedroom spaces. Murphy beds Manhattan from California Closets are easily installed in your home to convert your studio apartment into a dining room, your living room into a guest room, or guest room into a home gym. It’s the best way to make the most efficient use of your space, and we all know how valuable that is in the Big Apple.

Murphy Beds by California Closets to Make More Space

Murphy beds Manhattan easily fold into your wall, freeing up a huge amount of floor space during the day. This is a great tool for small apartments, particularly studio apartments, where space for dining and other activities can be very limited. Folding up the bed allows you to bring out your dining table, your yoga mat, or even set up living room furniture that can be pushed to the side when the occasional guest comes to visit and you need to pull down the bed.

Having enough space to do your daily activities is essential for having a comfortable and happy home. It can be quite a challenge in New York City to find that space. Murphy beds Manhattan provide that space and what’s more, that versatility doesn’t have to compromise the style of your home. Custom design allows you to choose the style, color, and materials of your Murphy beds Manhattan so the frame works with your home’s décor and your taste.

The Space-Saving Solution

It’s a surprise more city dwellers don’t utilize the perfect functionality of Murphy beds Manhattan. So many California Closets customers are pleased with their Murphy bed, as it truly transforms a city apartment into a more livable and spacious place to do all you need to do in your home. Call for your free consultation today!