Custom Cabinets Manhasset

As a locally-owned and operated business, we love working in Manhasset because we get the opportunity to design custom cabinets for a variety of homes and home lives. Whether you live in a sprawling estate or a small apartment we have experience designing custom cabinets solutions for local Manhasset residents like you. Our designers are eager to deliver our reputation for design excellence, customer service and value to your next Manhasset custom cabinets installation. Sign up for your free in-home design consultation to begin the process when you are ready.

The Manhasset Custom Cabinets Company For You

Our custom cabinets solutions are tailored to fit your home and your home life.  Our design consultation involves a thorough evaluation of your home aesthetic, storage needs, design obstacles and budget considerations.  We believe that the upfront design consultation allows our designers to create solutions that meet your needs holistically.  Our designs consider not only the form and function, but the durability and reliability of your custom cabinets.

As the premiere Manhasset custom cabinets company, some are often surprised at the range of our budget options.  In Manhasset, we have a lot of experience designing economical and extravagant solutions in the homes of local residents.  Our recent installations and custom cabinet work can be seen at our online gallery or at the local showroom.  We do everything we can to give potential custom cabinets customers insight into our process from design to final installation.

The Manhasset Custom Cabinets Design Consultation

This is why we created the free in-home design consultation, to give local residents a commitment-free means to exploring custom cabinets solutions in their homes.  Our designers are at the ready to offer their design knowledge and experience with other Manhasset custom cabinets projects to help you decide upon the best path to your new custom cabinets.