Garage Storage Malvern

The garage is often the last room in your house to be considered for organization. It’s a waste, though, not to think of it as one of your main allies in the war against clutter, and the experts at California Closets are ready to show you the possibilities of garage storage Malvern.

Discover Your Space with Garage Storage Malvern

A Standard Garage Shouldn’t Be the Standard

Go and take inventory of your garage.  A car or two, some boxes, assorted tools, maybe a couple of bicycles, a few paint cans and various other odds and ends.  All placed haphazardly with the item you’re looking for always the hardest to find and access to anything a virtual Rubik’s cube to solve.  That tends to be the typical garage, but it doesn’t need to be.

Let Garage Storage Malvern Be The Solution

California Closet designers are devoted to getting maximum usage out of every square inch of storage space and a garage provides a wealth of opportunities.  A series of brackets gets those bikes out of the corner and up on the walls.  Aluminum tracks and a pegboard system allow for a set of hooks where baskets and bins provide organized storage for tools and accessories.  Locked cabinetry secures paint cans and potentially harmful pesticides, keeping them out of reach of children.  And who knows?  Maybe with everything out of corners and off the floor, you may even find space for that workbench you’ve always wanted or a play area for the kids.

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A free consultation with a Malvern garage storage pro at California Closets is just a call away.  Start now on creating a garage you can be proud of, an efficient and productive reflection of your home and lifestyle.