Custom Closets Macomb

When you think pop culture you probably don’t think about closets, but portrayals of closet space in the media is a good place to start an exploration of custom closets. Macomb has its local character but also exhibits wider trends. In our society, what do we think of when we imagine a renovation to our household storage systems?

Ideas for Macomb Custom Closets

Macomb is an all-American town but its residents come from all walks of life and exhibit a variety of style preferences. Each individual has his or her unique personality but we are also influenced by what we see in the media. The media often portrays the extreme in home organization, but most of us lie somewhere in the middle.

Consider the images on MTV’s celebrity homes show, known but its catchy moniker, MTV Cribs. The cars and the pool are often the highlights but any self-respecting star will also showcase their magnificent wardrobe. The bling of the walk-in closet amazes the viewer in a dramatic moment only because the custom closet is doing its job. Macomb is not a home to many celebrities, of course, but ordinary people take their cues from television anyway.

On the other end of the spectrum, far from the luxury of celebrity life, is the stereotypical college dorm room with coffee stained books and clothes strewn all about. Often, these dorm rooms are equipped with inadequate furniture and poor organizational structure.

Macomb Custom Closets for American Homeowners

Macomb customs closets however are made with you in mind, living a real life, somewhere in between celebrity and college slob. Schedule a private design consultation today and we will cater to your needs.