Closet Systems Macomb

At California Closets, we pride ourselves in designing closets specifically for our customers. No two closets are the same. And the closet systems created at Macomb are surely unique and tailored to your every need.

Closet Systems Built With You in Mind

We help you design your closet systems by assessing your wardrobe and the space we have to work with. According to your preferences, we optimize the space in your closet with smart design decisions. Here are a couple examples of decisions you make along the way, with guidance from our expert designers:

Amount of shelving and drawers

A main decision you will have to make when designing your closet is the amount of drawer and shelving space you would like, as well as space for hanging rods. To figure this out, assess your wardrobe and decide what items you would like to be visible on shelves, and what you would like to keep away in drawers. Smaller items are easier to keep in drawers, while shelves give your clothes more room to breathe. You should also decide what size the drawers and shelving should be. Deep drawers are usually reserved for bulkier items such as thick sweaters while shallow drawers are meant for smaller items such as socks and underwear.

Choose your accessories

Ideal closet systems have a home for every item. Therefore, California Closets offers a variety of accessories and options to store almost every one of your wardrobe items. From tie, scarf and belt racks to jewelry hooks and shoe pole options, California Closets has a solution to every need. By catering our accessories to the particular item, your closet becomes more efficient.

Custom Closet Systems at Macomb

By allowing our customers to decide what’s best for them, California Closets is able to create lasting closet systems that are made specifically for the individual. Come to Macomb today and tell us what your needs are!