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Our commitment is to our customers and it shows - in 2012, California Closets of Michigan earned the Customer Satisfaction Award for receiving the highest customer survey ratings in the country. Additionally, our commitment to our customers and focus on delivering the highest quality storage solutions enabled us to achieve the Franchise of the Year Award.

Organization isn’t a talent or an innate ability; it’s a series of actions that continually keep the clutter of modern life in order. In the home, the closet is the first step towards a more organized tomorrow, and yet, many fall short in terms of usability. With California Closets Macomb units, designed and built with your unique needs firmly in mind, organization around the home will feel like a breeze.

California Closets Macomb Gives You Freedom of Organization

California Closets Macomb offers tangible ways to upgrade your daily routine--tools that will help your sense of organization and cleanliness grow and expand. To get a sense of what California Closets Macomb can improve, think of the messiest your closet has ever been: perhaps your clothes were strewn about, your shoes laying in different corners of the house, and seemingly no end in sight. Those chaotic closets branch out to your room, where today’s outfit is piled on the chair because there’s no other place to put it. Too easily can the residual effects lead to an entirely messy home.

California Closets Macomb is the total diametric opposite of that. Sweaters have their own space. Shoes will find a home on a rack, neatly paired and organized. Ties, jewelry, pocket squares and belts will be readily accessible and easy to locate; all this because of the unit that has been crafted with your belongings and desires as the focal point of the blueprint.

Once California Closets Macomb has finished, you’ll find that putting things in their place and keeping an orderly closet will become second nature.

Start at the Beginning with California Closets Macomb

Make an easy and substantive change in your home life by calling California Closets Macomb. 



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