Tom And Steve Rogers - Meet The Owners

When we were kids in grade school in New Jersey, my brother Tom and I ran our first business: a candy stand at the community beach. An auspicious beginning, to be sure. Twenty years later, Tom was working for the NJ State Police and I taught French. We decided we wanted to start our own business again, but there were some new 5th graders running the candy stand at the beach. Undaunted, we discovered California Closets, which seemed to fit well with Tom’s strengths in home renovation and my expertise in sales.

When we began looking into open California Closet territories, Charleston was ranked third out of the three we were considering, but somehow it was the first area we visited. After seven days in Charleston, we cancelled our plans to visit the other open territories and made arrangements to move to the Low Country. We were drawn to the tremendous importance placed on quality of living in the area. With a healthy dose of southern hospitality blended in, the deal was sealed.

Thirteen years later we still say “cawfee” in a Jersey accent when ordering a cup of joe, but for 13 years we’ve enjoyed being active participants in our new community, getting involved in charities, youth athletic leagues, and local trade groups.

Our business philosophies are very simple and have served us well over the years: Be professional, be dependable, and offer excellent customer service.

We welcome you to call or schedule a free consulation with one of our talented designers. We look forward to meeting you.


- Steve Rogers