Making the Most of Your Louisville Home Office

For many Louisville residents, the idea of creating a workspace in the middle of the home may seem like a dream but may also seem like an impossibility - where would you find the space with all the other essentials of a Louisville home? Don't lose hope - with the correct amount of organization and the appropriate storage capacity, you can turn your cluttered desk or nook at home into a legitimate functioning home office. California Closets Louisville is proud to be a local family-owned franchise that manufactures solely in Louisville. Residents of Louisville appreciate the knowledge and expertise that California Closets Louisville brings to the table. Especially when it comes to home office storage and design, they call on California Closets Louisville.

A Home Office Creation

Sometimes working at the kitchen table to pay bills and write letters just won’t cut it.   California Closets Louisville can help create a home office space in your residence. Here are some easy tips to get you started.

Most importantly, you need to dedicate a space in your house that is just for work. Even if that means rearranging your den to create space for a desk or creating storage near your current desk, an area needs to be set aside that can be a work-safe zone. The ideal situation is a separate room set aside for your home office, free from all distractions.

Setting up storage is the most important part to any home office. If you don’t have anywhere to put files, letters, papers and home office supplies, your desk will slowly become more and more cluttered until it becomes unusable. Desk drawers are helpful for smaller items, but you can also attached file cabinets and overhead storage to the roof and walls to maximize space. With enough storage, it’s easy to keep your home office organized.

You home office should also be aesthetically pleasing. Although you theoretically can get just as much work done on a card table tucked in your garage you won't use it nearly as much as it won't be a space that inspires you. The way your home office looks will make a big difference in how effective your work space can be. It will be easier to concentrate on your many tasks if you are working in a beautiful space. There is no reason your home office should look any less lovely than your actual office. Put up pictures, plants and other decorations to make it a special space that inspires you.

Consider a customized office storage system. Desks that don't match, cabinets and shelves that don't quite fit, can’t take advantage of your unique office space because they were not designed with your home in mind. Especially for smaller spaces where every inch counts, consider custom-built wall-mounted shelves, wrap-around desks and customized overhead storage cabinets.

Louisville Home Office Expertise

California Closets Louisville has built a reputation in the Louisville metro area for its expertise, design talent and familiarity with the wants and needs of Louisville residents. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom to learn more about how California Closets can transform your home office, bedroom closet, garage storage system and more.