Closet Systems Louisville for an Organized Life

California Closets Louisville is the leader in custom-built closet systems and personalized storage systems for Louisville homes. We specialize in home storage solutions that hold both aesthetic and practical value, and we’ve earned our reputation for providing Louisville residents the premium service that comes standard with the California Closets name. No other closet company offers our guarantee of stellar service. If you are searching for a partner to help you design and create luxurious and inviting custom closet systems and home storage solutions, California Closets Louisville is here to offer expert service in both design and installation.

How Closet Systems Store Your Possessions

Whether you have a reach-in or walk-in closet, the way your closets are designed plays a huge role in their organizational capacity. Here are a few ways that good closet systems can maximize the efficiency of your closet and enable you to store and access everything you need with ease:

- Not all of your hanging outfits need the same vertical space to be stored properly. Efficient closet systems have both full-height hanger rods for dresses and coats, but save space with half-size hanging rods for smaller items. You’d be surprised by how many items, including suit jackets, short dresses, and short coats, can fit on a half-height hanger rod.

- It may not be the first thing you think of, but lighting plays a key role in your closets overall usability. It is infinitely easier to find a coat or sweater in closet systems with well-placed lights than with a single lightbulb protruding from the ceiling. Well-designed lighting also adds a stylish and customized look to your closet, which makes it even more appealing to use.

- Closely stacked shelves – shelves that are close together vertically – are a must for efficient use of space. Clothing items that you stack vertically on shelves, such as sweaters and T-shirts, can fall over easily is stacked more than three units high. More shelving means less items toppling over.

- Closet systems that run from floor to ceiling take advantage of every inch in your closet space. Most standard closets don't make use of every little nook and cranny, instead only offering the bare minimum hanging rod. The more options for storage, the better.

- The higher the degree of customization of your closet system, the more personalized it is and the better it will serve your daily needs. California Closets can design and built custom closet systems for your home that will fit your needs perfectly. Don't settle for less when you can get the best!

Closet Systems Expertise from California Closets

California Closets Louisville is the Louisville metropolitan area’s leading provider of custom closet systems and personalized storage solutions. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom to learn more about how California Closets can transform your bedroom closet systems, garage storage system, home office and more.