Wall Beds Long Island

The future is finally here. Every day science and technology are speeding up and providing us with gizmos and gadgets that we never would have thought possible. Re-imagining design is another way that companies are showing us new takes on old classics.

A Sneak Peak: Your Long Island Wall Beds

A classic solution for a historical epidemic of overpopulated homes, the classic wall bed was once considered a thing of the past.  California Closet is here to tell you that we have re-envisioned Long Island wall beds and are here to show you just what you’re missing.

The new face of Long Island wall beds is sleek, modern and simple.  The first renovation of these wondrous space-savers is their usability. These beds are no longer a conundrum to unfold.  We are bringing you Long Island wall beds that can be laid out and folded up in the drop of a hat.  Imagine accommodating guests in half the time.  Leave the bed made, and watch as it unfold from the wall into a cozy haven for your guests. What’s more—you wont believe your eyes as you watch it disappear into the structure it is built into.

The modern look of Long Island wall beds is another one of the reinventions California Closets has made on the old classic.  Our Long Island wall beds are flawlessly incorporated into other structures so that you can have a multi-use room that works for everybody.  Implement your Long Island wall beds into desks, bookshelves or media centers to get the most out of your space.

The Best Long Island Wall Beds

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to create Long Island wall beds in your home.  Use this innovate re-design to recreate a room that has lost its spunk in your home.  Provide beautiful accommodations for your guests while not losing a room entirely.  Call today to find out more!