Jennifer Pearson, Design Consultant


Suffolk County

I’m originally from California, but I love New York.

I have a degree in the history of art and architecture which helps me to understand and work with the stylistic differences apparent in every home. I learned the art of organizational design on the west coast and I have several years of experience creating unique solutions for my clients’ storage needs that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. I moved to Long Island so that I could combine my west coast point of view together with the east coast perspective and become a more well-rounded individual and designer.

I chose to work with California Closets because of their superior reputation and the high quality product they offer. With a large variety of styles and options available I am able to design solutions to fit the different needs of all of my clients. I have an inherent sense of spatial awareness and instinctively know how to arrange objects in a room. I treat each design as a challenge or a puzzle and use my skills in order to find the best possible storage solution.

Building relationships is essential to what I do and I enjoy getting to know my clients. It’s a treat to collaborate with each client throughout the design process, from the initial consultation through to the completed installation. The bonds I have formed with them have led to long lasting professional relationships.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing what we can build together.