Murphy Beds Long Island

Would you like to make your home more valuable and more versatile, and do it in a way that doesn’t blow the household budget? If your answer is a resounding “Yes!”, then it’s time to explore the unique possibilities of Long Island Murphy beds from California Closets.

An Easy Fit

If you don’t have a guest room in your home, a Long Island Murphy bed, or wall bed, instantly creates one.  Any nook or spare wall space can easily accommodate it, and it can even be integrated into existing California Closets modules such as home offices or entertainment centers.  Wherever is most convenient for you, a Long Island Murphy bed can provide comfortable accommodations for your overnight visitors.

If you already have a guest room, how often does it get used?  With a Long Island Murphy bed, you free up that underused area to take on a different role such as a play space for the kids, a den or a hobby room.  Your house immediately becomes more versatile without losing the ability to graciously entertain family and friends.

The Evolution of Wall Beds

Forget what you think you know about the ease and comfort of a Murphy bed.  While it’s true that they could at one time be charitably described only as “functional”, California Closets has developed Long Island Murphy beds to operate smoothly with minimal effort and to offer the ultimate in a good night’s rest.  With frames made of sturdy aluminum or heavy gauge steel that can accommodate up to a 12-inch mattress, a Long Island Murphy bed is built to provide years of comfort and convenience.  

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