Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Long Island City

California Closets would like to introduce our brand new Long Island City wall beds. Now, we are bringing the magic trick of the murphy bed to a home near you! By day, it blends in as the wall, and at night, it will appear almost out of thin air for your sleep enjoyment!

Convenience How You Want It

If you are looking for a sleek and convenient way to add more space and potential to your home, a wall bed is a good option.  With a Long Island City wall bed, you'll be able to customize for exactly what you want and need, ensuring that it is the home improvement method of choice.


With the convenience of a wall bed, you can basically have two rooms in one!  Long Island City Murphy beds can be installed in any room, whether it be an office, gym, library, or playroom.  Roll or fold-out in a matter of quick and easy seconds and the difference is like night and day!  No more giving guests the floor: your bonus room will have completely transformed into a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Stylishly Subtle

With the Long Island City wall bed, you'll get total control over the style and positioning of the unit.  As such, you'll be able to build a wall bed that fits in to the current home decor and looks just like another wall during the day, and folds out into a beautiful piece of comfort at night.  Choose between build materials, designs, colors, positioning, and more to make sure your wall bed fits.

Take the Step

If you are ready to make a two-in-one room with stylishly sweet comfort, make a move for your Long Island City Murphy beds.