Custom Closets Long Island City

At California Closets, we are always looking for the next step to assist folks who are looking to clear up space for more enjoyment of their home. With our brand new product--Long Island City custom closets--we are able to bring our award winning, fully customizable closet designs to your home to meet your storage needs.

Build Storage for Your Home

If you need extra storage space for the things you love accumulating in your home, let us at California Closets help you.  We are building our new Long Island City custom closets for your local neighborhood specifically to your every need.

Storage for Multiple Needs

Life is unpredictable.  So is the weather.  We at California Closets understand this.  We also thus understand the need for a Long Island City custom closet that can store much more than what you are currently wearing . With bins and racks for out of season items, you can hang up the stuff you are currently wearing.  You can store the rest in drawers or other types of storage.  Either way, there will be space for absolutely everything you need.

Your Closet: Fashion Central!

With Long Island City custom closets, you’ll have a center for all your style needs.  Organize your closet based on season, or based on articles of clothing, color, or another order.  Either way, you’ll know exactly where all of your goodies are.  You can thus spend less time looking for the missing sock or shoe and more time ensuring you look and feel fresh every morning.

Build Your Closet Today!

If you are trying to get some more storage space for the things you want out of sight and mind, work with us to build your new Long Island City custom closet today.