Closet Company Long Island City

So you’ve decided to spruce up the house a little bit and you want to start with your closets. It’s time to arrange your wardrobe and possessions in a more organized, systematic fashion and give yourself better physical and visual access to all of your belongings. Who do you call, though, to help you out with this important but somewhat daunting task? The answer is simple: California Closets, the closet company Long Island City residents trust most.

The Long Island City Closet Company That Knows Best

Re-thinking your closet design doesn’t require a degree in architecture, but it does require careful planning and an understanding of how best to utilize your available storage space.  California Closets is the Long Island City closet company with decades of experience in coming up with innovative storage solutions that can be adapted to your specific storage requirements. 

It begins with an at-home consultation with a California Closets design specialist to help determine your home’s storage potential.  Precise measurements are taken and you give your input on how you would prefer your clothes and belongings be arranged.  Whether it’s by season, by color, or by frequency of usage, you can rest assured that your design pro will help to create a closet design that perfectly suits your lifestyle.  Shoe fencing, adjustable shelving, clear stackable bins, hooks, baskets and more work in concert to build a storage area that’s a pleasure to visit each and every day.  Before construction begins, you can even look at a 3-D computer rendering of your re-imagined storage space, affording you an opportunity to make any changes or improvements.

Why Wait?

Get going on one of the simplest but most valuable of home improvement projects with a call to California Closets, the top Long Island City closet company.