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Are you bored, overwhelmed or have just plain given up with your closet? That is very common for people here in Tucson. Homeowners in Bisbee, Amado, Arivaca, Elgin, Sonoita, Nogales, Rio Rico, San Manuel, Sells, Casa Grande or Tombstone are always searching for a way to makeover their closets to get a beautiful, updated and organized closet solution. Luckily, the experts from California Closets have provided solutions step-by-step to get your project started.

Step 1: Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Spring-cleaning shouldn’t just be reserved for springtime. Regularly go through your closet each season, and get rid of any clothing or accessories you don’t wear anymore. Give to friends, donate or sell so that they will be used elsewhere. This instantly frees up closet space and clears the clutter to see what you really have to work with.

Step 2: Imagine Your Redesign

Now that you’ve cleared space, look at how your closet is built and note what changes you’d like to make. If you could have your dream closet, what would it look like?  An expansive walk-in closet? A functional, sleek reach-in closet? Or, a compact and mobile wardrobe? Whatever your needs and goals are, you can absolutely make it a reality.

Step 3: Install Closet Accessories that Organize


The secret to closet organization lies in the details. Closet accessories such as shoe storage shelves, drawer and shelf dividers, jewelry drawer dividers, baskets and hampers, pullout racks and valets, and hooks and poles will help find a home for all of your items and keep clothes and shoes off of the floor for good.

Step 4: Select Your Finishes & Materials

Once the organization plan is set in stone, now it’s time to add your personal style to your closet. Carefully select materials that reflect you.

Materials: Only select the best materials with sustainable, California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant materials. Recycled wood fibers and LEED standard supplies add to a better quality closet.

Added Elements: LED lighting, display shelving, bench seating, leather doors and acrylic and metal enhancements take your closet from basic to breathtaking.

Step 5: Contact the Experts

The fifth and most crucial step involves contacting the professionals who have been in the industry for nearly four decades. California Closets Tucson is the leader in expert design, storage and organization when it comes to closets and other rooms in the home. Schedule your complimentary, in-home design consultation or in our Gallery Row and Costco Place showrooms, to discuss your unique space.

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