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Effective Storage Solutions for Closet Organization

California Closets San Luis Obispo- Effective Storage Solutions for Closet Organization

In San Luis Obispo, it’s easy to let your storage get out of control. For one thing, homeowners are too busy with their work and family lives to put storage and organization high on their priority list. Second, it’s hard to know where to start when you have such a huge undertaking. Luckily, the design experts at California Closets San Luis Obispo have been working in the industry for nearly four decades and know the best ways to transform any closet space. Whether you live in Morro Bay, Cambria, Pismo Beach or other areas of the San Luis Obispo area, you’ll learn the effective storage solutions to effectively organize your home.

California Closets San Luis Obispo- Effective Storage Solutions for Closet Organization

Getting Crafty with Storage

The way we see it, every room has the opportunity to provide discreet storage. With the right storage cabinets and accessories, you can store just about anything, anywhere.

  • Deep custom-designed cabinetry stores everything from seasonal décor to sporting goods to tools.
  • Baskets provide easy access to items that are often needed, like baseball gloves and balls or gardening supplies.
  • A Fusion Track Wall System holds anything from bikes to auto equipment.
  • Window-seat shelving creates a perfect nook for reading with storage for books underneath.
  • Small storage areas and cubbies ensure that items such as blocks and figurines always end up in their proper places.
California Closets San Luis Obispo- Effective Storage Solutions for Closet Organization

When it comes to closets specifically, you can make any space – large or small – a functional, beautiful space.

Walk-In Closets: A walk in closet is great because it provides extra space to roam and store items. Custom cabinetry, shelving, deep drawers and hanging racks and hooks are some of the closet accessories that contribute to a cleaner space. LED lighting, display shelves and bench seating are some of the added accessories that make your closet luxurious.

Reach-In Closets: For a space-saving solution, reach-in closets are as functional as they are practical (and highly stylish). Drawers, shelves, inserts and differing heights of hanging rods, among other options, give clothing, shoes and accessories a home that is organized and easily accessible.

Wardrobes: A wardrobe is a beautiful addition to any home, and should match the rest of your home’s design aesthetic. A freestanding closet that can move wherever you move, it comes with the same functionality as any other closet, so you get great design, organization and style that moves with you.

Kids’ and Teens Closets: If you have kids, you know that they outgrow everything. This also includes closets. Adjustable shelving, hanging areas, and baskets organize the closet to evolve with your child. This adjustable closet allows for a space that stores clothes when he or she is young to become a place that also houses technology, sports equipment and books, as they grow older.

Isn’t it time you have a high functioning closet? The experts at California Closets San Luis Obispo have been building beautiful, organization-friendly closets for nearly four decades, and love to help clients here in San Luis Obispo. Schedule your complimentary in-home expert design consultation today or come into our showroom to see everything first-hand. A better-organized closet is always available here at California Closets.

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