California Closets San Diego – Storage Solution for Any Size Home

California Closets San Diego - Storage Solution for Any Size Home

Living in San Diego sometimes means you have to sacrifice space in order to afford beautiful beachfront views. Whether you live in El Cajon, Imperial Beach, La Jolla, La Mesa, La Presa or Lemon Grove, maximize your space and providing storage solutions for your home makes living in smaller sized homes more enjoyable. Below are ideas of how to maximize space for the best storage possible – whether you live in a beach shack or a mansion.

California Closets San Diego - Storage Solution for Any Size Home

Murphy Beds

Living in San Diego means you are probably going to have more guests visit than average. This means having a guest room is a must. But what if you’re giving up precious square footage for an occasional visitor? Installing a Murphy bed helps solve the space problem. You get a customizable, comfortable bed for friends and family to sleep in that you can fold up and out of the way for normal everyday use. Enjoy that home office, fitness room or entertainment center you’ve always wanted.

Closet System

Closet systems create highly organized and well-designed storage in every room in your home. From the kitchen to the attic, the garage to the mudroom. Examples include:

  • Pantry system for a well-organized, entertainment-ready kitchen
  • Mudroom to store outdoor gear and making getting ready in the morning quicker
  • Home office for a more organized, clean, productive space to work in
  • Walk-in closets, reach-in closets, wardrobes and kids and teens’ closets that’s flexible for different areas in your home

California Closets San Diego - Storage Solution for Any Size Home

Garage Storage

If you simply don’t have any room in the house for storage, the garage is your answer – but it doesn’t have to be a messy, cluttered space. Custom cabinetry, drawers, shelving and track wall hanging areas keep sporting equipment, seasonal décor, gardening supplies and tools discreetly stored so there’s still enough space for your cars and an area to conduct projects in.

Playroom Storage

Another great opportunity for a multipurpose room, you can easily transform your kids’ playroom into a storage/playroom area. Drawers and baskets make it easy to go from playing with toys on the floor to placing them back in their designated spaces. Window-seat shelving creates a perfect nook for reading and storing books and other items underneath, and pullout baskets are ideal for storing multiple sizes and shapes of toys and items. Cubbies and integrated desks create a place to do homework and store toys and other items.

Entertainment Center

If you’ve always dreamed of having an entertainment area, but fear you have too much “stuff” in the way or not enough space, you can discreetly store away items in custom cabinetry. Media centers can be designed in a variety of styles and wood finishes to suit the architecture and aesthetic of your living space. Doors provide a tasteful decorative element while also concealing storage.  Media center drawers, offered in a variety of styles, are handy for storing remotes, DVDs and other items that you want nearby.

If you think your home is too small to create functional storage, think again. Start today by transforming your home with California Closets San Diego. You’ll receive an expert complimentary design consultation in your home or in our San Diego or La Jolla showrooms to go over your unique space and goals from the leading professionals in the industry.

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