Reclaim Your Garage with Custom-Designed Storage

California Closets Colorado Springs/RECLAIM YOUR GARAGE WITH CUSTOM

Here in Colorado Springs, you’re likely to have a lot of outdoor “stuff”. Instead of throwing them in the garage and having a messy waste of space, get organized with custom-designed storage solutions by the professionals at California Closets. Whether you live in Peyton, Falcon, Pueblo West, Pueblo or Colorado Springs, getting a storage system solution underway is the key to an organized, valuable garage.

Storage Cabinets

The first step toward garage organization is by installing custom cabinetry that will elevate and organize your space. Pick your style, finish and materials and then get to work by creating the most organized garage you’ve ever seen. Deep custom-designed cabinetry stores everything from seasonal décor to sporting goods to tools. Durable drawers hold smaller items, including workshop accessories like nails, screws, and sandpaper.

California Closets Colorado Springs/RECLAIM YOUR GARAGE WITH CUSTOM

Garage Accessories

Getting the nitty gritty of garage storage under control, including small tools such as nails and sporting equipment, involves handy garage accessories. Baskets provide easy access to items that are often needed, like baseball gloves and balls or gardening supplies. A Fusion Track Wall System holds anything from large tools to auto equipment.

Workbenches and Project Areas

Make your inner craftsman or carpenter’s dreams come true by building a custom workbench or craft area. A work counter provides ample space for gardening or working on projects. Baskets can be designed to hold drop cloths, garden supplies, or objects for recycling.  An integrated workstation creates a designated space for projects.

California Closets Colorado Springs/RECLAIM YOUR GARAGE WITH CUSTOM

California Closets Colorado Springs has been building beautiful closet, storage solutions and custom cabinetry for nearly four decades. A leader in the design and closet industry, we approach every project with a fresh, clean slate.  We work with all of our Colorado Springs clients one-on-one, from the initial complimentary in-home design consultation all the way to installation and work with the best to create your dream garage design so you can store all of your beloved items for good.

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