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California Closets Minneapolis Creates a Fisherman's Sanctuary

I recently installed for Ken R, a retired software engineer living in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and delivered a system that exceeded his expectations. In his retirement, Mr. R enjoys tying fly-fishing lures and building custom-made fishing poles but hadn’t had the space to fulfill his passions.

Luckily, Mr. R called California Closets in Southdale Center, Edina, and design consultant, Staci Steinman, re-purposed a bedroom into a custom California Closets fly fisherman’s dream workshop.

California Closets Minneapolis - Fisherman's Craft Room

Upon my arrival, Ken was incredibly kind to me, Michael and Caleb – his California Closets installers. Installers feed off the energy our clients provide and Mr. R had plenty of positive energy. Even as we were assembling the Belissima White boxes that would eventually become his fly-tying room, Ken would pop in to say “It’s looking great guys, keep it up.”

Ken checked in on our progress regularly, and even when we had tools and drills sprawled out, he would say “Looks awesome guys, keep it up.” While his compliment was much appreciated, I took Ken’s comments as motivation to deliver a great product.

Mr. R’s system required the largest countertop I had ever handled. Once the counter top was installed I realized that Mr. R wasn’t just building a hobby room — he was building a fisherman’s sanctuary. The countertops danced like a stream bottom and the surrounding flip-up doors with Eco-Resin inserts, shivered like cattails in a soft breeze. Together, they created the ambiance of an afternoon casting hand-tied flies. If you can’t be on the water, why not FEEL like you’re on the water?

California Closets Minneapolis - Fisherman's Craft Room

I enjoyed building this hobby space but maybe even more, I enjoyed the intriguing conversation provided by Mr. R. We rambled on about fishing equipment, fishing spots, fishing techniques, types of fish — you name it, we talked about it. Ken even talked me into helping him hang a wrought-iron trout-shaped fishing rod holder on his wall, which I was happy to do.

Ken and I had conversed so much that he witnessed more than 60% of the install and approved 100% of what he saw. It was great to walk him through the final product – the soft-close drawers, 180-degree doors and pop-up outlets.

Mr. R is, and always will be, a client that I will remember. Not only for his kind spirit, but for the smile he had when we walked him through the completed California Closets custom fisherman’s sanctuary.

California Closets Minneapolis - Installer, Sam Wingness and Design Consultant, Staci Steinman

Written by Sam Wigness | Designed by Staci Steinman | May 2017

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