Five Design Tips for a Well Designed Garage


California Closets Milwaukee - Five Design Tips for a Well Designed Garage

The garage can be a touchy subject: most homeowners have messy garages they simply don’t know what to do with. Luckily, the expert designers from California Closets have been transforming garage spaces in homes across the country for nearly four decades. Here are their tips for homeowners living in Milwaukee, Mequon, Big Bend, Eagle, Elm, Rubicon, Saukville, Menomonee Falls, Merton, Nashotah and North Lake.

  1. Install custom cabinetry

Custom storage cabinets will store the most against the wall and away from the floor, clearing out space immediately. From seasonal décor to sporting or gardening equipment, you can conceal anything you want and keep the rest of the garage tidy. Wood grain finishes and sleek modern design will also increase your home’s value instantly.

  1. Think about your wall space
  2. California Closets Milwaukee - Garage Accessory Storage System

Most of the time, walls go unused in the garage. However, they’re a great place for storage. Building a simple Fusion Track Wall System will hang bikes, rakes, and lawn equipment so there is not a single item left in the way. It’s creative and saves tons of space.

  1. Incorporate accessories

For smaller miscellaneous items that you use frequently, such as a gardening shovel or basketball, a basket is a great way to store them.

  1. Make a space for your hobbies and projects
  2. California Closets Milwaukee - Craft Room Storage System

If you love conducting DIY or craft projects on the weekends, a workbench is a great idea. Now with all the extra space you have, you can enjoy a clean, creative environment to work in. A work counter provides ample space for gardening and working on projects, and custom cabinetry and a fusion track wall system keeps everything organized.

  1. Get help

A garage renovation project can be time-consuming and difficult to do on your own. Enlist the help of the professionals who have been doing it for nearly four decades. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been building beautiful closets, storage spaces and more in homes across the country. Schedule your complimentary in-home expert design consultation, or visit our Brookfield showroom today.

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