Custom Closets Livingston

California Closets always encourages its customers to take the lead in designing their custom closets Livingston. We believe that by making your own personal design decisions, you will appreciate the end result more than if you bought a generic closet out of a box.

Consider The Benefits of Custom Closets Livingston

Livingston custom closets are designed to accommodate all your preferences. Here are a few design options to consider during the process:

1) Shelves or Poles?

If possible, consider what items in your wardrobe require hanging, and what items can be placed in a shelf or drawer. California Closets has the ability to alter and customize the lengths and sizes of these sections to accommodate your specific wardrobe.

2) Storage

When designing your closet, it is important to reserve some space for storing away items you use less often. We find that an efficient way to store clothing is by leaving about a foot of space between the highest shelf and the ceiling. This will give you plenty of space above your closet to store away items that you use less often.     

3) Drawer and Shelf Size

Have you ever tried stuffing bulky sweaters into a shallow drawer? Here at California Closets, we provide you with the options of choosing the exact-sized drawers and shelving that will surely accommodate the clothing going in them. Deep drawers are perfect for heavy items like sweaters and knits, and tend to swallow up items such as shirts or socks. Shallow drawers, on the other hand, are perfect for thinner items and smaller accessories.

There’s Always More With Custom Closets Livingston

These are only a few things to consider when designing your closet. There are a variety of different options to choose from. After all this customization, your closet will be tailor made just for you. So call California Closets today! Your Livingston custom closets will cater to your every need.