Custom Closets Livingston County

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect closet looks like. The outdoorsman might want more hooks for his coats; while the professional may prefer clear space for suits, and shirts, and a special rack for ties. For others, rows and rows of storage space for shoes is the ideal. At California Closets, we believe that no one knows what you need in a closet better than you. And if you want to turn a crowded and disorganized closet into a beautiful and useful space in your home, our experienced design consultants are here to help.

Plan Your Closet Based on Your Unique Space

Schedule a free consultation with our Livingston Country custom closets experts, and they will work with you to help evaluate what you want out of your new closet, and how to best use the space that you have. Whether you have a walk-in, or a smaller space, California Closets will work to intelligently utilize every bit of your closet, and work with you to create a space that is inviting and intuitive.

In order to help you pick out the perfect closet, our experts will create a 3D rendering of your home, and use your “virtual closet” to help you choose every detail of your new closet. Look at layout, hanging areas, shelving, as well as aesthetic choices like finish. Our goal is to optimize your closet to suit your lifestyle - whether that requires lots of shoe storage or not.

Make Your Vision a Reality with California Closets

Get smart about your closets, with custom closets in your Livingston County home. Call California Closets today and schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts, and see how they can make your vision of a perfect closet into a reality.