Closet Organizers Livingston County

If you’re a typical Livingston County resident, you like to stay organized. California Closets can help you achieve a practical, efficient and organized closet that is particular to your needs. Here’s how:

How California Closets Will Organize Your Space:

1) Give us a call

Set up an appointment with one of our experienced closet organizers and we will come in and assess your space. We will measure your closet and talk about preliminary options to setting up a new closet.

2) Design your ideal closet

The best part about working with California Closets is the ability to design the closet yourself. You know your needs best, so we put you in the driver’s seat. During this step, you can decide the amount of drawers, shelving and storage space you’d like. This step is where you have the most freedom to customize. We offer different accessories to store your jewelry, shoes, ties and other items. We even provide you with a visual of what your closet will end up looking like, including different scenarios for different options. Let your creative side come out in the process. We can steer you in the right direction, but the ultimate decisions are up to you. This is also your opportunity to work closely with your personal closet designer and ask for tips and suggestions.

3) We build your closet

Professional builders will come to your home in the morning and leave by mid-afternoon. In this time alone, you will have a brand new custom closet that will help jumpstart your organized life.

Livingston County Closet Organizers Know What’s Best

With California Closets, the process of organizing your space is fun and easy. Through a close collaboration between you and our team of experienced designers, your ideal closet is just moments away from being built. Give us a call today for a free consultation!