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Living Area

Your home is more than a repository for life’s essentials; rather, it is where your life unfolds. From setting the tone for your home to receiving and entertaining company, your living room is a reflection of your life. 

As we well know, life gets busy. It often seems that space is at a premium and clutter abounds. It can still be challenging to balance enjoyment of your living room with the need to keep it organized and pleasant. 

We believe that living life in your living room needn’t be mutually exclusive with well-executed and efficient storage; you can enjoy spaciousness in your living room day in and day out even amid life’s chaos. We find that the cause of living room clutter is rarely a lack of space, but rather a byproduct of having a poorly optimized space.  

There are some fantastic living room storage solutions available that create elegant living room storage that melds seamlessly with your home: 

  • In the living room, a hidden wallbed is an excellent item to build in to create additional storage space. This can easily tuck away when it is not being used by guests to allow for more room for family functions and play
  • Custom designed storage cubes with shelving inside are a very versatile living room storage solution. These can make a beautiful showcase area for art, or quick and easy storage for personal items such as craft supplies or children’s toys. 


Our professional design consultants specialize in surveying the needs of your space and daily life to work with you to craft a living room solution that’s as efficient as it is beautiful. Life is hectic enough; why should your living room be? Let us use our extensive experience designing custom living room storage solutions to create the living room of your dreams.


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