Closet Systems Litchfield

Since pioneering the custom home storage market decades ago, California Closets has always taken strides to innovate and improve our closet systems. Litchfield residents have enjoyed the service of a local franchise since 1984 and having been chucking generic storage ever since.

Closet Systems Litchfield for Practicality and Beautiful Design

Increase the functionality and style of any room in your home with custom storage. It is a good way to add a luxurious architecture to a barren room or to create space where there was none.

Home Office

Getting work done at home is a good idea whether you own your own business or are simply managing your family’s finances. And regardless of whether the office is a nook in the hallway or an entire room, closet systems Litchfield are necessary to keep the files from overcrowding and the stationary from getting lost.


The garage is often the site of clutter. It is like a pressure valve for valuable but cumbersome items. Where else but the garage would you stow a kayak or a lifejacket, a bicycle or a lawn mower? It is also the best place to organize your tools and hobby materials with Litchfield closet systems especially designed to withstand abuse and irregularly shaped items.


Every family shops and eats differently, which is why no store-bought solution will be satisfactory. There is always going to be too much of one kind of cabinet and not enough of another kind of drawer unless you personalize with California Closets.

Inviting You to Invest in New Litchfield Closet Systems

Renovating your home is like embarking on a journey. We offer a way to do it minus the headaches. We allow you to imagine and re-imagine what closet systems for your Litchfield home can look like and do for you.