Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Lexington

Are you looking to be efficient with the space available to you in your living quarters? One great way to save a ton of space is to use Lexington wall beds. Lexington Murphy beds from California Closets are easy to use, cost effective, and completely reliable. We’ve made it our business to help the contemporary American resident feel comfortable in their home. One great way to accomplish that feat is to install a wall bed.

Make Your Living Space Efficient with Lexington Wall Beds

We know that not all Murphy beds are created equally.  So, we specialize in Lexington Murphy beds that are meant to provide you with the best sleeping and living situation possible.  In the day time, you can roam about your home without the nuisance of constantly running around your bed.  At night time, you can pull out your Lexington wall bed and sleep comfortably.  No one will notice it while its out of the way, and it will be like it was always there when you’re sleeping on it.

With years of experience, we know what we’re doing.  By taking on even the most difficult storage situations, we’ve figured out how to overcome any challenge.  Use one of our Lexington Murphy beds, and you’ll be thanking yourself day in and day out.  Not only will we help you figure out the best way to make your dream for efficient usage of space a reality, we’ll help you through the entire process.  In no time at all, you’ll be sleeping on Lexington wall beds that leave you waking up smiling.

Let Space Be Bountiful

Call California Closets today for a free consultation.  We’re happy to put our team of experts to work, to help you get the Lexington wall beds of your dreams.  And dreaming will be easy, when you don’t have to worry about how much space your bed is taking up.  Our Lexington Murphy beds get the job done right.