Closet Systems Lexington

Work or play, you’ve got a big day planned. Don’t let a cluttered, disorganized closet slow you down or ruin the fun. Make sure your storage space is ready to accommodate your every need with a customized closet systems Lexington from California Closets.

Start the Day Right With Closet Systems Lexington

Make the Change

We’ve all known the frustration of having our schedule thrown off by a messy storage area.  Missing shoes, wrinkled suits, athletic gear buried in a pile; an ill-conceived closet is a nuisance virtually every time you look into it.  That all changes when you consult with a Lexington closet systems specialist.  They’ll show you how to use a vast array of California Closets products to totally re-imagine your storage space, turning chaos into calm, and preparing you to take on the day.

Solutions That Make Sense

Most closets suffer from poor utilization.  They may be full, but space is wasted due to poor or non-existent design.  Lexington closet systems help you maximize the space with a variety of innovative solutions.  Adjustable shelving creates multiple levels of storage and allows you to easily store odd-sized items like tennis rackets and camping gear.  Clear, stackable plastic containers give you visual access to your casual outfits and can be conveniently rotated for seasonal needs.  Accessories like belts, ties and scarves are kept separate and available with a series of hooks, baskets and drawer dividers.  No more piles, no more smashed together wardrobe, no more storage problems.

Get Started with Closet Systems Lexington

California Closets is pleased to offer a free, in-house consultation to assess your particular storage needs and help you figure out how best to address them.  Call and make an appointment today for a better closet tomorrow!